Guy Fawkes Carnivals  


A 400-year old pyrotechnic tradition - the parade of squibbers.

squibbing - squibbers line the High Street in Bridewater - click for full photograph coverage
At the end of the parade, squibbers line the High St

Although many West Country towns boast their own Carnival, Bridgwater prides itself on being the biggest and the best. One of the key elements which sets it apart is the unique tradition of squibbing.

Squibbing is a spectacular pyrotechnic display which takes place at the end of the Carnival parade, and consists of the firing of over a hundred, hand-held, fireworks. Squibbers will be representatives from all the major Carnival clubs as well as noted figures from Bridgwater. [see VIDEO]

As the squibs catch light the entire street - and thousands of spectators - are bathed in a magnificent golden light and a stunning cascade of golden sparks fills the air.

The Pariah Cup is awarded to the squibber whose firework burns the longest.

The Bridgwater Squib is a variation of a type of firework know as a gerb or fountain.

Squibs are held aloft by means of a 'cosh' - a heavy wooden staff with a holder fashioned on one end. [more on squibbing]

Spirit of Carnival - Statue & plaque in Cornhill celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot