Guy Fawkes Carnivals  

Squibbing - video

The view from within the parade of squibbers.

The first ever video taken from a camera attached to the 'cosh'
alternative view from the Helmet Camera » 

The video starts after the squibbers have marshalled at the Town Hall, then paraded into the High Street to form two lines.

In the opening frames you can catch a glimpse of a fellow squibber holding the cosh in the correct way - the squib is held horizontal in the right hand with the handle of the cosh held over the shoulder. This enables the fuse of the squib to be held covered by the left hand until the signal to remove fuse-covers is given.

It also explains why the opening of the video is sideways-on. The camera is aligned to give the correct picture when the cosh is hoisted overhead.

The first blast of the klaxon indicates that the ground wads are in place and these are then lit. When all are burning it is time for ignition.

A single, long blast is the instruction for the squibbing to commence! Fuse covers are already off, the fuse is held to the flame and the blazing squib is hoisted aloft.

In the closing seconds, the last squib to extinguish can be seen dying in the distance, qualifying for the award of the Pariah Cup.

For the opportunity to participate as a squibber in this unique and time-honoured tradition, My thanks are due to the Bridgwater Carnival and most especially to the Squibbing Officer, Clive Kett

This video was taken by attaching a Sony CX7 Handycam to the cosh, using a Manfrotto 035C Superclamp. It was fixed to give the correct

The other video was taken with a ???Atack etc fixed to my helmet. If these videos are not perfect it is because in addition on to being a first-time squibber, it was also my first attempt at video - and I took two at the same time.

Spirit of Carnival - Statue & plaque in Cornhill celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot