Guy Fawkes Carnivals  
guy fawkes illuminated carnivals guy fawkes illuminated carnivals
The West Country

Guy Fawkes Carnivals


Illuminated Carnivals

are one of Britain's most spectacular festivals. Throughout Somerset and the adjacent counties the dark autumn evenings become incandesent from the blaze of thousands of lights as the processions of carnival floats wend their way through the streets. Some Carnivals also top-out the illuminations with splendid fireworks displays.

The sheer scale and spectacle, the complexity of design, the ingenuity and skill of construction, and the creative energy of the performers, all meld into a truly unique entertainment.

Carnival floats are not only lit with spectacular patterns of moving lights but will usually have a musical accompaniment and a cast of costumed carnival revellers, dancing or in static tableaux formations.

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The cart is towed by heavy transport tractors and powered by industrial-strength generators and - to maintain the quality of presentation - these too are customised to the same theme and decoration of the rest of the float.

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The Carnival floats - or 'carts' are the work of local clubs and societies who work - often in conditions of secrecy - throughout the year, vying with each other to produce the most spectacular result. Never has the word 'cart' been more understated. Floats are judged and prizes awarded for various qualities.

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The scope and variety of skills which contribute to the design, building and presentation is prodigious, ranging from heavy duty mechanical engineering right through to the final detail of a sequin on a costume. The final product is the end-result of a full year's effort of planning, construction and fund-raising.

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